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EKOL energo s.r.o. produces the steam turbines up to output of 70 MW for superior complete industrial plants. In light of design, the unit produced is situated on the foundation frame with the gearbox and eventually with an integrated oil tank.

Among typical applications it is ranked:
  • industrial and municipal heating plants
  • waste an biomass incineration plants
  • paper-mill industry
  • sugar mills
  • cogeneration
  • power plants

The company EKOL energo s.r.o. produces the steam back-pressure and condensing turbines, namely exactly according to the requirements of the client. We manufacture much of our final production for the purposes of biomass and waste incineration. Ecological exploitation of wastes from various processes (sugar mills, paper-mills, waste incineration plants) is one of the purposes of our existence. We orientate ourselves especially at the client who disposes of a volume of steam produced, that cannot be exploited in standardly offered model ranges of the turbines of the other producers.

For the clients there are provided such activities that lead not only to repairs of the defective parts and renovations of older turbo-generators, but also total renovations – retrofits, that ensure not only obtainment of better parameters, but also modernisation of entire equipment. All that at lesser costs than in the case of new equipment realisation. To the client who keeps present power equipment whose lifetime is not exhausted, but is no longer exploited, it is offered its complete renovation. This consists in disassembly of the present equipment, its transport to EKOL energo s.r.o., complete revision of all parts, repairs of the units damaged, installation of modern control systems, including re-installation along with testing and handover to usage. Such delivery is provided with a warranty, guarantee and after-guarantee service. In this way the client obtains equipment of enhanced efficiency and operating parameters against the present equipment, at the costs that are lesser than in the case of a new unit. In this field, the company EKOL energo s.r.o. is ready also for purchase of such unused and innovated heat-energetic sources with their subsequent retail and installation at new clients who for their needs and purposes so invest lesser means than in the case of purchase of new equipment.

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