The firm EKOL energo s.r.o. in the field of service specialises in offering the services in the domain of arrangement of operation of energetic rotating machines. We deliver the service so-called on key. The main direction of our firm is service of steam and internal-combustion turbines. In order that we offer such service as a complex, we are able and ready to provide also service of driven equipment as are compressors, blowers, generators. Thus we are able to offer the comprehensive look at operating needs of these technological units. It is obvious to include into service all accessories of these machine sets, oil, cooling, condensing, tubular and nowadays necessary control systems, in order that their operation would be reliable, utmost efficient and would fulfil all requirements on safety. The service is always conformed to the requirements of each operator of equipment. We evaluate each contract separately and we do not state here any limitations of output. We have experiences in repairs of multi-casing systems of output over 100 MW, but we also realize repairs of machine sets to 1 MW. We endeavour to offer the service in the on-key form, in order that the operator would obtain complete information, in which condition his equipment was found, and we shall together prepare a maintenance schedule, so that it would meet the requirements of the operator, and so that its operation in the final consequence would be safe and as efficient as possible. We are ready to solve any problem, from the simplest up to the complex reconstructions and general repairs of equipment. The service is provided by our own workers who have considerable experiences in this field. On each order, there works a team of workers, assembled according to the scope of the service intervention. Our firm disposes of own assembly workers, designers, technologists, programmers, managers. Thus we are ready to fulfil the tasks agreed always with emphasis on professional quality and in the term required.

We offer the service activities in the following structuring:

  • Diagnostics of operation
    • Remote
    • Evaluation of operation economy
    • Vibration diagnostics
  • Revisions
  • Repairs – of any extent
    • Current
    • Medium
    • General
    • After breakdown
  • Deliveries of spare parts
    • Elaboration of own technical documentation
    • Production of parts for turbines of all producers
  • Modernisation
    • Increase of equipment efficiency
    • Change of operating parameters for new conditions of equipment exploitation
  • Relocation - transfer of equipment to a new locality
  • Special services
    • Analysis of breakdown causes
    • Economic analyses
    • Stand-by

By means of service activities there are provided the following activities:

  • Diagnostics of equipment operated
  • Technical evaluation of equipment condition
  • Elaboration of technical documentation of implementation
  • Disassembling and assembling activities
  • Repair of original parts
  • Production of new parts
  • Assembling measurement and elaboration of protocols of measurement
  • Equipment putting into operation
  • Handover of accompanying and evidence documentation
  • Training of operating personnel

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