Quality policy

Management of the companies EKOL spol. s r.o. and EKOL energo s.r.o. realizes that all processes connected to implementation of the products and provision of services must be kept at high level of quality, that they must be in compliance with the requirements of living environment and that they are burdened with risks in the field of health safety and preservation.

Therefore it was declared for the companies EKOL spol. s r.o. and EKOL energo s.r.o. the following policy for orientation of our thinking and actions in the next periods:

  • To supply the products and to provide services in the field of steam and internal-combustion turbines, boilers and energetic units of excellent quality and to keep stable place of the company in the market.
  • To meet the needs of our clients and to acquire the confidence of them in us as a deliverer. As an instrument to apply processional access, including monitoring and evaluation of these processes.
  • In the long term and systematically to care for quality that is for us an instrument for obtainment and maintenance of good reputation, economic prosperity and stabilization of social certainties of each employee.
  • Management fully supports application of the principles of international standards for assurance of quality (ISO 9001), protection of environment (ISO 14001) and labour protection (ISO 45001) and based on these principles, has created a unified integrated system.
  • Management and whole personnel must maintain and examine the integrated system and take measures to improve this system permanently.
  • Management will periodically examine effectiveness of this system and improve the system in case of need.
  • Management and whole personnel must thoroughly fulfil legal enactments in force and other requirements that apply to the subject of activity, protection of environment and health safety and preservation.
  • Management will always specify the concrete targets including the criteria for their evaluation and will provide their periodical evaluation. The targets will be specified, provided it is possible, also above the scope of legislative requirements.
  • It is necessary to aim at prevention of negative affection of living environment and at prevention of accidents and health damage. To that it is necessary to apply all available, technical and organizational means.
  • To develop and manufacture our products in compliance with requirements on ecology and in compliance with requirements on labour safety. To fulfil these requirements in the course of their manufacturing, at the time of their operation in the client premises and at their disposal after expiry of working life of the product.
  • To support actively partnership with the deliverers for obtainment of a higher quality level of the final products and services provided for the client. To require active access to protection of environment and labour protection from the deliverers, to check and evaluate such access.
  • To motivate personnel to engagement in the process of continuous improvement of the products and services, to support the activities leading to responsible behaviour of personnel concerning protection of environment and labour protection.
  • This unified policy of the companies EKOL spol. s r.o. and EKOL energo s.r.o. is available for personnel on the internal communication system.

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